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Have you ever wanted to spend a day with an octopus, a starfish, a sea otter, or a penguin? Well, now you can with Wee Sing Under the Sea. Enter the beautiful world beneath the waves as you join Devin and his loveable Granny on their sparkling underwater adventure. Peek through the seaweed and meet Ink the Octopus, Missy Turtle, Spike the Puffer Fish, and all their aquatic acquaintances as they try to help Weeber the Penguin find his way back to the South Pole. Plus, see if they can figure out whats ailing little Baby Ottie the Sea Otter.

Come sing, dance, and swim along with over 20 classic and original songs and join the whole wet and wonderful gang as you discover that the special world of Wee Sing even exists Under the Sea!

WeeSing: Under the Sea

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